swati sood
Had good experience with Durapest. The guy was very nice and explained the situation very well.
Adrian Deviveiros
Gaelen and his team of technications removed MULTIPLE raccoons from my attic at home. I was on vacation and they broke multiple holes in the roof. Glad I chose durapest
Naveen Sandhu
An absolute pleasure to work with this team. The coordination and timeliness of their services was on the mark. Thank you for taking care of my issue!
Beyond Detail Oshawa
Durapest was on time and explained their procedure thoroughly. I highly recommend this company for all your pest control needs as their prices are affordable and have excellent customer service.
Jagmohan Bhavra
I called Durapest for the removal of Racoon(s) from my house. They inspected the place thoroughly and guided me very well on what needs to be done next. They installed the One Way door and sealed all other entrances. Fortunately, Racoon(s) came out while the installation was going on. Altogether, I was a great experience, and they provided the 5 years warranty for the work they'd done. Highly recommended.
Christine Griffiths
Contacted Durapest when I realized I had racoon living in my attic. Upon first contact I was very impressed. They explained their services and responded to home within 2 days. The problem was resolved by installing a one way door where the racoon had made entry. Thank you Durapest for your quick response and professionalism.
runo laura
Durapest responded on time to my home as the squirells were quite a problem in my ceiling. They efficiently inspected all areas of potential entry and installed a one way door. Very professional and friendly. Highly recommend this company to take care of your pest, wildlife and rodent problem!